Say hello to the only patient communication software you’ll ever need

A level of personalization that can only be described as "concierge." Greet VIP callers by name. Address all patient test scheduling and appointment needs in a single call. That’s concierge service, and it's made possible with PatientSync.

A Single Platform to Deliver a Uniform Patient Experience

Whether you're remote or onsite, you have one location with one specialty, or multiple locations with multiple specialties, PatientSync guides any patient care associate through a consistent, guided workflow. Customized for any type of call, your staff can now manage the entire spectrum of patient communications with features like:

  • Texts to your main phone number
  • Outbound calling automation
  • Agent workflow scripting
  • Web chat
  • Queue call-back
  • Provider call-back text alerts
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging
  • Patient reminders
  • Patient scheduling
  • Geo-based facility & service matching
  • Call agent evaluation
  • Patient surveys
  • Unlimited call recording
  • Physician Wiki

Your single solution for scheduling, patient outreach and more.

PatientSync simplifies appointment scheduling and streamlines patient communication by consolidating 10+ applications into a single, easy-to-navigate platform that integrates with your EMR. Free your call associates from having to reference mountains of paper and cross-check multiple systems just to book an appointment. Give them the tools to create a concierge patient experience.

Powerful, Intuitive Patient Communication Software

PatientSync is an integrated omnichannel patient communications solution. Manage the full scope of patient communications (text, chat, email, phone, and more) from a single platform. You’ll always retain the option of defaulting to a voice call from any other channel.

Single Source of Truth

PatientSync provides a single source of truth with total traceability. Scheduling protocols and provider preferences are captured in one source that informs the workflow. Updates are made into one place and reflected in the workflow in the very next call. Every call is recorded and stored for total auditability.

Integrates with Existing Systems

Eliminate time-consuming workarounds within your call center process. PatientSync patient communication software integrates easily with your existing phone systems and EHR platform, creating a seamless end-to-end experience for call associates, patients, providers and practices.

Meaningful Datasets and Insights

No more questioning new patient allocation decisions. PatientSync is built to capture hundreds of data points, making it possible to see trends and patterns in scheduling, provider-patient volumes and patient follow up. This level of visibility enables your practice to quickly adjust scheduling disparities and protocols.

Customizable Guided Workflow

PatientSync patient communication software guides your agents through specific protocols unique to your practice. Deliver a consistent patient experience across all communication channels while reducing training time and guesswork for call center agents.

Outbound Call Automation

Keep agents productive during low call volume times. PatientSync can easily switch from managing inbound calls to generating outbound calls. Either way, the call center associate is prompted with the script and workflow to support that specific call – from health maintenance reminders to test scheduling.

Agent Performance & Patient Satisfaction

Track metrics that help your call agents do a better job and make your patients feel more cared for. PatientSync’s Power BI reporting platform lets you track agent productivity and deliver patient satisfaction surveys via email or text.

End-to-End Patient Communications

PatientSync manages the full lifecycle of patient communications from a single, easy-to-use system.

Cloud-based Multi-channel Communication Platform

Secure Cloud-Based VOIP Phone

99.9% uptime guaranteed. Secure cloud-based phone system allows for location neutral staffing and reduced impact of power outages or on-premise server issues.

Outbound Dialing Campaigns

Automatically dials patients during call agent downtime using a corresponding script

Automated Multi-channel Outreach

Program text messages or emails to patients for health maintenance or appointment reminders.

Instant Alerts

Deliver timely SMS messages or recorded voice messages to your scheduled patients during emergency closures or last-minute clinic cancellations.

Automated Prescription Refill Texting

Reduce call volumes by accomplishing refill requests through HIPAA compliant texting platform

VIP Caller Recognition

Automatically recognize and prioritize calls from referring physicians, hospitals, and VIP patients with custom greetings and workflows for each caller.

Single Omni-Channel Platform

Easily initiate secure 2-way SMS messaging, web-chat, and phone calls to patients, all from the same single software, with full documentation.

Mobile Caller ID Masking Feature

One-click enables any staff to make outbound calls to patients directly from their mobile device while displaying your practice as the caller ID.

Provider-Ready Alerts

When providers are ready to return calls, automatically text the next patient in the queue to confirm availability

Caller Queue Prioritization

Programmable caller IDs prioritize inbound calls from your staff, referring providers, pharmacies, and other VIPS

Voice Recognition AI

Reduce phone menu options by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence powered by the same AWS technology used by Alexa.

Text-to-Chat Capabilities

Use the practice’s main phone number for both voice and text messaging

Web Chat Enabled

Real-time chat with live agents on your practice's website with the option to convert to a phone call with a single click

Voicemail Transcription

Automatically convert voicemails into text and deliver to email inboxes.

Call Recording

All PatientSync calls are recorded and stored securely & permanently to be easily pulled in the event that there is a need.

Knowledge Management

EMR/PM Integration Ready

Easy integration with NextGen, Epic, and more to store all communications and appointments in a single record

Physician and Practice Protocol Management

Maintain all practice and physician-specific protocols for call types & scheduling in one searchable up to data repository that automatically informs PatientSync workflows.

Required Data Capture

Required fields prevent critical data elements from being missed and ensure your agents are adhering to set protocols and standards with every caller.

Integrated Physician On-Call Updates

Real-time, web-based calendar automatically updates the after-hours workflow with the correct on-call provider

Clinical Calendars

Real-time, web-based calendar tracks provider's staff coverage each day, fully integrated into PatientSync workflows

Physician Schedule Portal & Contact Data

Centralized calendar for physicians to monitor their daily schedules and update their availability

Patient / Family Profile Dossier

Connect patient records for families to streamline communications

Quality Audit Trail

Every call handled is stored with a unique case # that can show the entire workflow path from start to finish.

Analytics & Performance

New Patient Allocation Tracking

Insights into new patient scheduling identify trends for understanding allocation using filterable criteria for provider, specialty, location, ailment, insurance, age, etc.

Patient Flow / Scheduling Tracking

Analytics and insights ensure full transparency and greater consistency in call handling

Automated, Logic-Based Call Quality Assurance

Real-time & reportable quality checks on phone calls with emotion detection to identify upset callers, & keyword/phrase recognition to ensure proper greetings or required scripts are being stated on every call.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

Customizable business intelligence reporting dashboard lend insight into the patient experience, review caller types and reasons for call to drive management decisions.

Agent Performance Tracking

Track performance, productivity, utilization, and the quality of individual agents, or specific teams, shifts, or departments

Caller Satisfaction Surveys

Automatically send customized email or text surveys to callers to measure call staff effectiveness

Give your call center associates superpowers.

Put all the information patient care associates need right at their fingertips. Let them focus on the patient on the phone instead of searching for information and answers. Your workflow, your way. Let us show you how.

Give your call center associates superpowers.