The 1:1 Experience: Your Ideal Patient Engagement Platform

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Does your patient engagement platform enable Amazon-class patient interactions? While not a direct competitor, Amazon and others are shaping your patients’ expectations of how you interact with them. Businesses that deliver excellent customer experiences create raving fans for their brand. And isn’t that what you want?

From your patients’ points of view, how they are treated on the phone tells them a lot about how they will be treated by your practice. You’re already delivering world-class medical care to your patients, so why shouldn’t that level of service happen here, as well?

Healthcare’s New World

Today’s healthcare world is centered on the ability of providers and practices to offer better care and services to more patients, at a lower cost and with exceptional practice-patient interactions. Without tools like patient portals, patient communications software, and multiple ways to connect, that is a nearly impossible task.

This desire for 1:1 experiences has led to many challenges for practices, as providers rethink how they do business. One response has been the rise of the concierge patient experience. These models focus on delivering intensely personalized experiences between patients and their medical practice. This shift in expectations and experience is now leading patients to expect that same specialized service from every practice they interact with.

Which raises the question, how can my practice ensure that level of personalized service for each and every patient?

It only takes 2 negative calls to change a patient’s perception of your practice

High Tech, High Touch

Enter the true all-in-one patient engagement platform. Cloud-based Patient Access Centers facilitate a level of personalization that can perfectly match your patients’ high expectations. Let’s explore what an ideal platform might look like.

Patient Scheduling Software 101


Real-time, data-driven insights into agent behavior enable proactive staff management. Your ideal solution should provide easily accessible information regarding each and every patient-practice interaction.

Added Value

Implementing the right cloud-based communications platform should provide tools and services to help drive revenue by prompting outbound patient contacts with live call center agents. Speaking directly with an agent can encourage on-time appointment keeping, reduce no-shows, lessen patient leakage, and open up patient access to the scheduling of ancillary services 24/7/365.

Ease of Integration

Effective platforms create a seamless experience for your call center agents, staff, and providers by being easily customizable to match your existing practice preferences and protocols.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

A recent study showed pre-service interactions strongly impact patient satisfaction. An ideal patient engagement platform should focus on delivering patient-delighting service during every contact. For example:

  • Knowing information about recent interactions, such as a call about a medication, which is more patient-friendly than the dreaded call transfer (that usually ends up in voicemail).
  • Offering satisfaction surveys; patients love to give feedback because it makes them feel like they are being heard.
  • Providing reminders for things like appointments and health maintenance activities.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Different patients – different preferences. Your system should be able to engage patients in a HIPAA-compliant manner based on the ways they prefer to communicate, such as text, voice, chat, email, and more.


Patient engagement platforms should ensure every call is handled in the same way with the same results, no matter who is answering the phones.


Regardless of how your practice profile or location changes, your software should provide complete and transparent access to any agent. Regardless of whether they are onsite or, in today’s world, working remotely.

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Single source of truth

By consolidating all functions into a single patient communication software platform, you eliminate time spent searching for information, a common barrier to a truly concierge patient experience.


Cloud-based Patient Access Centers that are custom-tailored to the specifications of the practice’s protocols and provider workflows greatly impact the strain of a high turnover rate on practices.

The best patient engagement platforms empower your staff to focus on your patients, not the process. Putting patients in touch with the right person and the right information at the right time is the foundation of every great patient experience.

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