PatientSync is a patient engagement platform built for the future

As patients seek out more personalized service, providers and healthcare organizations must find comprehensive, convenient ways to deliver one-on-one attention. PatientSync brings everyone up to speed, starting now.

Increase Satisfaction All Around

PatientSync’s modernized patient engagement platform includes features and workflows designed to improve the entire cycle of interaction between patients, providers and healthcare systems.


Provide patients with easy access to every provider in a single call.

Go from a switchboard or IVR phone menu to a centralized call center where any agent can equally support any provider, specialist or department across the hospital. PatientSync’s customized workflow software guides the call agent through any task, ensuring efficiency, accuracy and consistency. Improve patient acquisition and reduce leakage by letting patients book more than one service with any provider or department, anywhere in the hospital, all in a single call.


Match every provider’s unique protocols.

Say goodbye to 6+ month learning curves for call agents. The PatientSync patient engagement platform features customizable scripted workflows, detailed scheduling protocols and geo-based facility and service matching to direct patients to the correct provider on the first try. Removing the guesswork enables call associates to follow each provider’s exact protocols – every time. PatientSync acts as a single source of truth to ensure your call center agents are following your practice’s unique workflow, thus reducing rescheduling runaround and missed appointments.


Achieve a flexible, scalable, cost-effective call center.

PatientSync streamlines call agent onboarding and removes the need for memorization, enabling your physician call center agents to shift their focus where it matters: to providing superior service to your clients’ patients. Customizable workflows and detailed metrics help your teams continually improve upon service levels, demonstrating to the management team that you’re a valuable extension of their organization.


Improve organizational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

See improved consistency across calls. Share staffing resources across departments and locations and increase call agent efficiency by centralizing patient communications under one “virtual roof.” To ensure patient satisfaction, automated survey capabilities send, receive and measure patient feedback from a unified platform, enabling you to monitor and ensure stand-out service levels that promote patient loyalty.


Make every patient feel special.

Show patients you care by connecting with them on their terms. Multiple outbound and inbound communications options allow patients to engage with practices on their terms. Consolidating patient communication and care history into a single record makes current information easily available to call agents, so they can better serve the patient. With all the tools they need to do a great job, physician call center associates are free to focus more on the patient, respond warmly and provide personalized, concierge-style service that lets every patient know they’re a priority.

Give your physician call center associates superpowers.

Put all the information patient care associates need right at their fingertips. Let them focus on the patient on the phone instead of searching for information and answers. Your workflow, your way. Let us show you how.

Give your physician call center associates superpowers.