Personalized service for every patient – from a single medical call center system

PatientSync is a true all-in-one patient communications platform that puts the power of personal connection at your fingertips.

Turn patient call associates into superstars.

PatientSync brings more “flow” to your medical call center workflow. Here’s how:

Break Down Barriers

Design the ultimate call experience and workflow without the limitations of a legacy phone system and outdated tools.

Discover Staffing Scalability

Associates across all specialties and locations use the same cloud-based phone system, and scheduling desk, where any provider’s custom workflow will automatically appear based on the caller ID or call type.

Simplify Your Communication Tools

Access patient’s web-based chat, phone, text communications, and more from one single platform that creates a communications record linked to the patient’s profile.

Fulfill Every Scheduling Protocol

Easily follow every physician’s exact scheduling and location preferences, up to the minute.

Customization Eliminates Memorization

Every variable in the workflow is customized to each provider’s preferences.

Understand Patient Call Trends

Analyze new patient scheduling patterns, booking preferences and more.

Make Downtime Productive

Outbound call campaigns can fill the time on low call volume days. Automatically generate calls for patient recall, rescheduling missed appointments, health maintenance reminders, and more.

Trust a Single Source of Truth

Updates affecting provider availability, on-call schedules and other preferences are instantly reflected in call center workflows.

Integrates with Your EMR

Appointments are scheduled directly into your EMR and scheduling notes are connected to patient records.

Track Call Center Performance

Drive operational improvements, efficiency, business decisions, and more with real-time visibility of hundreds of data points that uncover trends for patient allocation, staffing utilization, agent quality, workflow bottlenecks, and more.

The 1:1 Experience Your Patients Want

Discover the powerful combination of intelligent scheduling software and integrated omni-channel communications

Next-Level Patient Communications


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Unique practice and provider workflows

With PatientSync, Everybody Wins

PatientSync is a patient-delighting, concierge-enabling, revenue-capturing, two-way patient contact center system.

For Patients

  • Appointments are scheduled quickly and correctly
  • Call agents start with an existing patient record, streamlining appointment scheduling
  • Concierge-style service feels personal
  • Choose how the doctor’s office communicates appointment and care reminders
  • Every communication is a VIP experience with knowledgeable, helpful patient call associates

For Providers

  • Create a great experience for referring physicians and VIP partners like employer groups or sports teams
  • Scheduling protocols are built to spec for each individual provider
  • Built-in workflows ensure patient symptoms are captured accurately and consistently
  • Real-time updates to calendars and schedules prevent mistakes
  • Easy interfacing with other applications via API

For Healthcare Organizations

  • Share staffing resources across departments and locations. Any trained associate can follow any provider’s workflow when using PatientSync.
  • Adapt patient access workflow to changing strategies and market needs
  • Capture every opportunity to better serve patients
  • EMR integration ensures a more informed experience and documentation into a single record
  • Provide a personalized, concierge experience
  • Achieve increased patient satisfaction scores thanks to improved accuracy and patient experience

Give your call center associates superpowers.

Put all the information patient care associates need right at their fingertips. Let them focus on the patient on the phone instead of searching for information and answers. Your workflow, your way. Let us show you how.

Give your call center associates superpowers.