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Unifying patient communications is easier than you think. PatientSync was developed from the ground up with patients, providers and practices in mind. Read on for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

No. All of our systems are completely cloud-based applications. Both the phones and guided workflow are accessible via a web browser (such as Google Chrome). The only hardware you may be required to purchase is a headset for each user.

Integration is optional, and we are capable of integrating with most major EMR/PM systems on the market today. Some that our teams are familiar with include Allscripts, Epic, NextGen, SRS, OncoEMR, eClinicalWorks, AthenaHealth, CareLogic. PatientSync can be used in tandem with any EMR platform, and integration is not required. In fact, many of our customers choose not to integrate due to cost and have still seen great ROI.

PatientSync is not an EMR/PM platform. Our platform is complementary to your EMR/PM, and in many ways can integrate with your existing systems to improve the quality and efficiency of your front-line phone staff.

It takes an average of 2-3 weeks to fully train call agent or associate, depending on the complexity of the workflow.

Yes, PatientSync can handle 20 lines and more. The benefit of a VOIP platform is that you don’t have to worry about the number of lines coming into the practice. Our cloud-based platform makes it possible for calls – even those going to the same number – to be answered from any location. Our guided workflow and call scripting features also mean any trained staff member can answer any type, supporting any provider.

Yes, the benefit of PatientSync and the value we bring is centralizing your call center with no restrictions to your number of locations or phone lines.

PatientSync is a “one-stop” patient communication and scheduling platform. PatientSync can replace virtually all of the systems described below:

  • Phones
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Clinical Triage Software
  • Patient Recalls
  • Surveys/Patient Outreach
  • Online Scheduling
  • Secure Mobile Messaging
  • Provider Schedule Management (on-call calendars, clinic calendars feeding into PatientSync call center software)
  • Phone and Call Types Analytics Tools

Though there is a push toward more comprehensive service via patient portals, the reality is that patients are still slow to adopt portal usage. Even when offered omnichannel communication methods, in most cases, patients still choose a phone call. PatientSync’s streamlined workflow enables call center agents to dedicate their full attention to the patient’s needs.

PatientSync solves the fragmented landscape of tools and information sources used for patient communications.

In addition to providing an all-in-one platform to manage secure 2-way texting, web chat and a cloud-based phone system, the PatientSync platform also creates a single source of truth for storing data. This includes individual provider preferences and a centralized schedule that informs up-to-the minute availability, automatically populating a guided workflow.

PatientSync systemically simplifies how patient communications are managed, empowering call associates with the right information, right when they need it.

PatientSync is compatible with Chrome (preferred) and Firefox.

Every part of the workflow can be customized to prompt a particular menu of choices or present up-to-the minute data. We have several pre-built templates reflecting best practices that can be applied as a starting point and fully customized.

For inbound calls, this might include programming the provider’s exact scheduling protocols. For outbound calls, the call scripts and workflows can be customized and auto populated to address any type of communication including health maintenance reminders, appointment reminders or test scheduling.

Not at all! PatientSync is only intended to be the phone system for your public-facing phone lines. All internal phones/extensions for staff within the office remain the same. When appropriate, users can seamlessly transfer callers from the PatientSync platform to your internal phone system.

PatientSync is not a mobile app. Mobile app and patient portal adoption rates by patient populations are typically very low. Our goal with PatientSync is to simplify the communication process for patients and offer them multiple channels to connect with you.

In most cases, very little will be required from your IT department to install PatientSync. Some basic firewall settings and workstation settings configurations will be required, but we handle the majority of the heavy lifting for implementation. If integration with your EMR system is desired, we handle that on your behalf as well.

In today’s world, there is a clear trend toward the desire to work from home. PatientSync enables your patient call associates to securely work from virtually anywhere with access to the internet. Many PatientSync users are working remotely already with great success.

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